Hiram Wallace

Gene D.'s know-it-all "Perfessor" for Jason E.R.'s "Channel 37" SF game


Player Character: Hiram Wallace

  • Role-Player: Gene D.
    Campaign:Channel 37” speculative fiction/dimension-hopping miniseries, using FATE Accelerated
  • Game Master: Jason E.R.
    Date created: 22 December 2014/“20 September 1957”
  • Date revised: 2 January 2015


  • Typecast: The know-it-all “Perfessor”
  • Motivation: “Looking for Easy Street” (a steady gig)
  • Personal struggle: Bottled up emotionally
  • Hidden talent: Eidetic (photographic) memory
  • Big break: As “Prof. Atom” on children’s television show with “Timmy ‘Skip’ Thompson”

Approaches (1 at 3, 2 at 2, 2 at 1, and 1 at 0):

  • Careful: 2
  • Clever: 3 (apex)
  • Flashy: 2
  • Forceful: 0
  • Quick: 1
  • Sneaky: 1


  • Because I am a know-it-all, I get + 2 when I cleverly create an advantage (create or discover a scene aspect) when dealing with weird science.

FATE points: 3

  • Stress: 3
  • Refresh: 3
  • Stunts: 2 (including a prop or plot twist)

Player Characters for Jason E.R.’s Channel 37 dimension-hopping miniseries, using FATE Accelerated, as of “1957”/spring 2015:

  • Hiram Wallace [Gene D.]: male Earthling human; know-it-all “Perfessor”; actor who finds himself science officer on the fast space cruiser Hercules
  • Ronnie ‘Smokey’ Baker [Beruk A.]: male human; aged ham/artiste; acting captain of the Hercules on its apparent mission to investigate the murder of xenolinguist Dr. Darov Cositon
  • Hank Bottski [Brian W.]: male human; gallant extra; supporting cast member and quiet but brave Star Alliance lieutenant
  • “Danny Wilson” [Bruce K.]: male human; boy next door (other aspects: More than just a pretty face, rebel without a cause, grease monkey, singing family show; apex approach: Clever); young heartthrob turned bold engineer on the Hercules as it travels to the Male Barreo prison colony on Tarterus 2 and encounters defensive systems and a disabled space ship with dead aliens on the way
  • “Tatiana Romanov/Ginger Lane” [Rich C.G.]: female Russian human; hard-ass heroine (other aspects: Gender barrier, stagecraft/technovore, farmer’s daughter role; apex approach: Sneaky); assertively snooped around Sgt. Irtan Pard’s quarters and suspects the guards aren’t behaving normally
  • “Timmy ‘Skip’ Thompson” [Brian S.]: male human; little scamp (other aspects: “Look, Ma, no hands,” daydreamer, double-jointed, was “Prof. Atom’s” assistant; apex approach: Flashy); made contact with the Parqe, an intelligent crab-like species on Tarterus 2
  • “Walter MacNeill” [Drew S.]: male human; gentle giant (other aspects: Looking for a human connection, doesn’t know his own strength, talent for mimicry, costumed heavy?; apex approach: Forceful); helps investigate murder scene while others question the guards, three inmates, and Dr. Cositon’s family

Hiram Wallace

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