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    _Synopsis_: On a distant planet, the Star Alliance investigates the death of a professor studying singing aliens. _Airdate_: September 20, 1957; 8:00 pm EST _Teaser_: The sound of crashing waves against the coast. Fade in and pan across an ocean …


    _Synopsis_: Following an atomic war, the battle for survival hinges on a community living in an old riverboat. _Airdate_: September 27, 1957; 8:00 pm EST _Teaser_: Two horses fitted with gas masks fidget near a dying campfire. A soldier wearing a …

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    h2. *Channel 37* is reserved exclusively for radio astronomy. Please switch channels. Now. [[File:384534 | class=media-item-align-center | 360x288px | 0001082484_10.jpg]]

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    h3. *Channel 37 Overview* It is the summer of 1957. The PCs have been hired to star in a new television program (Channel 37) which is being advanced billed as the first science-fiction anthology series – pre-dating The Twilight Zone and The Outer …

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