Ronnie "Smokey" Baker

A Classically trained actor, comedian and all around ham looking to break out


Player Character: "Ronnie “Smokey” Baker"
Role-player: Beruk A.
Campaign: Jason Roberts" *" Channel 37 Campaign" using _Fate Accelerated

  • Date “created” 22 September 2014/" lives in 1957 America_"

Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth 1957, born in Brooklyn, son Jacob and Judy Berkowitz (changed last name)


  1. Typecast: A “Classically Trained Ham”
  2. Motivation: “Middle aged metamorphis”
  3. Personal Struggle: “I live large baby!”
  4. Hidden Talent: Former street hustler
  5. _Big Break: “Who’s busting my chops?”

Skills/Approaches (39 points total):

  • Flashy (+3)
  • _ Clever_ (2) ; Sneaky_ (2)
  • Careful (1) ; Forceful_ (1)
  • Quick (+0)

Because I know I am such a ham who lives large, I get a +2 when I distract and command attention in a flashy manner.

Refresh-Fate/Stunt points left: 3/3

Stress 3


  • Uniform, military — space worthy
  • Belt, A ray gun – it shoots rays I think.

Ronnie "Smokey" Baker

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